A $300 trash can

Bathroom in the restaurant is a huge consideration for me. Not just for the usage, it displays the attitude of the management or the owner. One of the small Italian neighborhood restaurants on 3rd Av at 40th Street is my favor because they provide mouthwash in the bathroom. I haven’t seen dental floss yet.

Evergreen’s are very clean and neat. The one on the ground floor is very spacious, shared by both genders. The 2nd floor has two separate ones for each. The first time I went there, this trash can in the corner made me think: it’s an eyesore and looks like dying – lonely. Why don’t they put a flower there? There is trash can by the sink. Yesterday I took pic to show Kate that the red plastic bag looks really ugly, pls use some clear one .. Did I learn the reason the dying trash can’s presence: girl’s room requires a covered trash can. If they fail to provide one, there is $300 fine. A long way to go to catch up with Dennis Kozlowski‘s $6,000 shower curtain, 🙂 but still it hurts.

It’s great to see there is an agency that enforces these stringent rules, regulating the restaurants. But how can one justify the existence of this and this?

How about add a mini one that could mounted on the side of the sink cabin? Kate and Sally said .. that’s a good idea .. 🙂


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