Introspective II

My considerate g/fs with endless long legs: thanks for bending down for me .. 🙂

I always feel that puppy love differs drastically from pragmatic love. When you’re young, you choose your mate solely on love, nothing else. You don’t care about mortgage payments and ballet lessons. Middle age love takes compatibility and affordability into consideration too. Why shouldn’t you when you have a abode that needed to be paid off and child(ren) to put through college or that private swimming pool or beach front vacation you have been accustomed to. I traveled Europe on few EuroPasses and enjoyed it while I was young. Would I do it again? Probably not. A biking tour yes, but it has to be in starred hotels.


Pretty much every banquet’s dishes are the same … hmmmm .. why bother to go?

Our yearend party, aside from [as usual] all the tennis crazies who tried to beat me to death – which they always accomplished, there are always dearth of decent or desirable men. Many eligible and pretty women are dangling around and some even 10 years running .. are still single. Well, I knew the fact that men have wider choices than women as they age. Don’t take this as complain. I’m not arguing with the fact. But feel sometimes, both genders should realize that we’re not at war – make love not war – and don’t take each other on as warring opponents. Learn to love and understand each other. Be kind and considerate, it might get you closer to your goal. Don’t you think loving and giving make you happier?

I enjoyed the party more than last year cause I went there without an agenda. Previous two years I went with two single g/fs who were looking. .. .. Many women don’t know how to dress even for those who work in fashion industry.

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