When one reflects too much, it makes him or her a loser. But when one has no introspective, weeeellll, I think it’s a lose .. too. So we have to find that middle ground.

Year end is always a good time to do so.

Tiki Barber interviewed Giants’ running back #27 Brandon Jacobs who’s agile and can run despite his little size -Height: 6-4 Weight: 264; born: 7/6/1982 Houma , LA .. who’s longing for the national recognition or the stardom. The interview showed clips the two played together.
Bran-Done ..
At the end, Tiki said, he has one more question.
“Why did you go to Superbowl without me?”
“Can I have the ring?” Tiki joked.
“I’ll lend it to you.” The running back teased back.

I felt sad for Tiki. I like him a lot but obviously he wasn’t right for the Giants. In reality, the little Giants might not win the Superbowl had he not left. It’s so trite to say that life is unpredictable, but it’s true. The Black Swan made fun of another book that I enjoyed, Blink.

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