Jennifer 小妹

Zhang Xiaoli 张小丽 (Beijing 1962 – )

小妹 and I in Hong Kong, at Auntie Ling’s home; before 1985

I grew up knowing my cousin as Xiao Mei, little sis. But she didn’t feel it’s right for her and changed it as soon as she came to Hong Kong in 1982, to Xiao Li which I never used to, which wasn’t a big deal, because we seldom socialized. She let her hair grew to reach her waist!
Over the years, her Mom, Auntie Jennie would beg me to call her … in the beginning Jennifer would perfunctorily cope with it, say something to keep the long distance calls going. The last couple of times, few years ago, she would say nothing. I stopped calling.

Seeing her pictures at Auntie Jennie’s home was a riot: she now looks like a middle aged woman!! Ha Ha Ha .. We haven’t seen each other in nearly 30 years!! And she’s still a young girl in my mind. Senior moment -:)

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