Last night in HK

I got to stay with Auntie Jennie before leaving. Her swimming pool is awesome. It opens 4 times a day, 6 days a week. I went for a swim late in the night and the pool was empty. Two young life guards were on duty. The pool is about 30 meters in length. Before I went in, I asked them to call if it’s time. But when I finished my 40 laps, emerged from the water, did I realize it has passed their 9:30pm closing time. It’s almost 9:40. I felt sorry to have kept them on deck beyond their normal business hours. But they were polite and didn’t call ..
That wasn’t what I remembered of Hong Kongers -:)

After swimming, Gugu wanted to take me on a tour of her building and take some pictures. There we went. She liked the one I was looking at the flowers, so she wanted one too. Click.

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