Song Luxia 宋露霞

宋路霞 (1952 JiNan – )

.. .. 山东济南人。上海作家协会会员。华东师范大学中文系毕业,曾任该校校报编辑部主任、图书馆支部书记。 主要研究方向:近现代家族史、上海史、上海洋楼文化。 主要著作:

Few her books in my possession.-.-.-.-.-.

She found a niche and ran with it with a great success. I admire her diligence that she spent time to visit as many families as she could get her hands on – she is friendly with many my relatives. Although her books are all social history – almost entirely oral – centered on Shanghai but her thoroughness on research the facts was more than many historians and journalists. However, it’s eye opening (.. really?) to see the publishing industry in China is willing to put out books that are overlapping, significantly and repeatedly. . I have many her books that used the same material but under different titles and/or publishers – feeling cheated. One of my uncles commented at the lunch who also published few books that under no circumstance he’d do it. His publisher had asked him to repacked a book, he refused. It shows there is a basic standard that people would want to honor, or adhere. Marguerite Duras published The Lover, then took some heat when she published The North China Lover: A Novel; both were novels.

Few her pix on FB.

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