Upstairs vs upstate

I just turned 50, and feeling great.
Yes, now I’m eligible to play on the senior circuit, and getting the senior seat on the bus.
My birthday party started at the NTC, with 3 hours of play on the second floor courts. Afterward, one of my friends asked me about my league, etc. I the prompter eager to brag, told her yes, our team did well last year and went to the playoffs.
“Where?” She casually asked.
“Upstairs.” I replied earnestly, regardless she’s interested to know or not.
“Where?!” She questioned politely.
“Oh Albany.”
She looked puzzled.
Ok, English isn’t my strong fort but I think I can pronounce Albany adequately, passing the scrutiny no problem. So I was puzzled.
“Albany, upstate!” I stressed.
“Oh .. Albany .. ” She laughed with the 恍然大悟 huangran dawu look and then said .. “Irene, you said upstairs .. so I’m thinking there is a third floor in this complex. ..”
Ok .. I’m only 50 .. wait till I’m 60.

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