Yin Chengzong 殷承宗

Yin Chengzong will perform on Feb 14, 2009 in NJ. Not sure I would want to cross the Hudson River. But I love his rendition of The Yellow River, the only Chinese piano concerto I enjoy listening to.

The last time I saw him – he was Auntie Jennie and Li Delun’s colleague and we lived in the same compound – was at Lake George, upstate New York. At time, he made his partial living as piano tuner. It was Labor Day weekend, the tour was organized by China Institute (It has since stopped) at the Silver Bay. The following morning I woke up very early and went for a walk. As soon as I passed the church, I heard the familiar roaring of the yellow river. I was very stunned, because the piano concerto was very obscure in the west. Following the sound, I went inside of the empty church. There, sat a chubby man with a crew hair cut, practicing. He looked older from what I remembered, obviously, he he he ..
“What’s your name?” I blurred it out, feeling dumb.
“Yin Chengzong.” He replied nonchalantly.

I felt sorry for him, given the surrounding and the circumstance. He once was the poster boy for Madam Mao and had all the glory, just as Aunt Jennie did. I was not sure if he was being paid to be at the weekend gathering. The concert later was sparsely attended.

Glad that he now plays at music center, entertain people who pays to see him.

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