Matchmaking vs pimping

At a dinner, I brought up the topic that a friend of mine’s looking for a g/f. Lady K at the table immediately followed it up.

“How old is he .. what does he do .. ?” She fired up the usual questions. Apparently her girl”s looking too

“To be very honest, I don’t know him all that well. We only met couple of times and I found him to be generous and decent.” He was the only one who showed up on time to help out at my BBQ. Upon learning he’s divorced, I start keeping an open eyes for him.

“Hmmmm … My girl friend has never been married and I’ll have to make sure he’s good ..” K said thoughtfully.

“I’m only trying to be the bridge. How do they develop is entirely up to them.” I truthfully believe it.

If a person is over 30, approaching 40 and never been married, I’d be very careful with him/her. I take that fact as a flaw rather than an advantage, perhaps either too picky or unable to maintain a relationship?

Beside, what makes her thinking that her g/f has the upper hand? We all think highly of our friends, but pls be realistic. On the surface, he’s a marriage which yielded a child. That means he was able to convince at least one woman who said I do while she hasn’t.

Another friend accused me as pimping upon hearing my bridge theory. Really? I failed to see it that way.

Meeting new people (both genders) has always been an exciting experience for me. I would think many others share my sentiment. I have never been on a blind date or set-date, so I don’t know how embarrassing it is – or how great it is. I think every one, especially the single ones who wants to meet their mate, should keep an open mind. No one knows from whom and where and when you’ll meet The One.

Remember, upon meeting The One, it takes two to tango.

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