JiNan in New York

Tulips on 34th Street between 7th and 8th Avenue

April 20, 2010

A city government delegation visited New York led by 济南市委副书记殷鲁谦 Mr. Yin Luqian. Lu 鲁 is nickname for Shandong province. I’d guess that Mr. Yin is a native Shandonger. The delegation stayed at New Yorker Hotel in the city and was wined and dined on their first night in the Big Apple by US Shandong Association 全美山东同乡总会. They also had John Chun Liu 刘醇逸, the New York City Comptroller on hand to meet and greet the fellows from the motherland at the dinner.

The small bus that whisked them through the rush hour traffic to the restaurant across the East River was driven by a man who dabbed as tour guide as well. As the bus was passing the Times Square, he told the crowd the story about the sailor kissing the nurse and how they found each other over the decades ..

On the dinner table, the conversation veered into the real estate. One of the young member of the delegate said he and his wife have four apartments: his and hers plus one from his parents and one from hers.

John Liu spoke briefly in Mandarin then left early. More pix on FB

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