Plain food 粗茶淡饭

Plain tea and simple food; homely fare.
Grandaunt Lucy enthusiastically talked about her father being epicurious in her memoir. Each dinner, she wrote, there would always be eight dishes plus a soup. Jiujiu confirmed it too.
However, during a chat with Uncle Harry 刘赞曾 recently, he talked about his college years in Beijing. During the weekends, he would visit his aunt, my Popo.
“In Beijing, unlike in Shanghai and Tianjin, the western style villa was very rare. Their house was an gem, well maintained. ..”
But after a few times he stopping going because the food was simply not measuring up.
“There were just some 粗茶淡饭.” He said with visible contempt resignation.
Obviously the Lvs were just not up to the standard of the Lius and Zhous.

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