Colonially present

One of the pictures in last week’s cover story on the Times Magazine. At first, I was not going to read it, but this picture looked so Manila or Jakarta or colonial (a.k.a. army of dark skinned servants is/was the norm), so I read on ..

But the caption reads “Every Day is Mother’s Day – The author, her son, Max Dudley Stevenson, and her baby nurse, Margo Clements, at home in Southampton, N.Y., in July.” So unAmerican, not sure where did it go wrong in the process – the author, photographer, editor …?

Inevitable the article drew contempt and ridicule, with a former NYTer lead the way (ok, his is second) Fox Butterfield. Geeee, haven’t ‘seen’ him for a long time. The last time I tracked him down due to an urgent matter only he could answer, he was still a New York Times’ man manning fort in Boston.

In any case, although this is the free world and capitalistic society, but Alex Kuczynski wrote a pretty trite story. Her (or her husband’s) wealth takes away the struggle that would have made the story otherwise very gripping, taking the readers to climax. Doean’t we grab a handful such middle age boards just by walking on the Park Avenue in NYC? What a waste of the front cover space, it should have been Michael Lewis‘.

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