Aunt Jennie

Dad and Aunt Jennie in Shanghai, November 1959. It was taken when Dad made a pit stop there. This reproduction of the picture isn’t doing justice to Aunt Jennie due to my poor skill with a 6 mega pixels Casio EX-z60. Aunt Jennie was working for the Shanghai Philharmonic Orchestra as its leading flutist. She was the It girl, the glamor media darling with an exotic profession, the moment she landed in Shanghai after graduating from the top of her Gifted-Class at the Central Conservatory of Music 中央音乐学院 in Beijing. She got married in Shanghai to a fellow clarinetist, and then they both moved to Beijing joining the Central Philharmonic Orchestra 中央乐团 – now China National Symphony Orchestra that was founded in 1956. Dad was on his way from his little hut in Sichuan to Beijing to marry Mom on 11/24/1959.

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