Renda Fu 高中六班

Beijing Renda Fulzhong 人大附中, high school 1980:



从最上面一排开始往下走 (都是左起):

  1. 崔岳、曾宥、王镇、赵京、张谦、刘景山、王燕生、顾大宾、刘延军
  2. 刘强、高朔、郭伟、商广文、秦强、顾维明、康励、兰志俊、杨正浩、郑宏伟、黄维敏
  3. 赵寅、高凡、何冰、吕明玉、武晔、张小莉、高艳丽、龚新培、王一佳、周昕、蔡京繁、陈实
  4. 陈宝华、霍明红、魏薇、尹一黎、沈维军(王老师:政治;张逸云:班主任、解析几何;贾宝清:代数;王老师:语文;赵老师:化学;王老师:俄语;王老师:生物;李老师:几何)
  5. (front row) 吴红、黄鹂、史海英、毕波、阚小丽、刘小莉、陈伟秋、陈虹、张燕燕、雷育红、王美珍、刘伟


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If I remembered it right, we started high school or 4th grade after the additional six months. Then for the last year of high school, the 5th grade, the school took in new comers after an examination. I stayed in the Class 6 for only a couple of months.

The total name list of 1980 -14 classes.
Again, thanks to Zheng Hongwei. Unfortunately I hardly knew, actually I didn’t know/remember any of them since I’ve been in the class only for a few months – I left for Hong Kong in Oct 1979.
How has life been treating them since then?!

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