Does Time Heals Everything?

Zhen Hongwei 郑宏伟 was my fifth grade class monitor 班长 (we also shared Class #6 in Renda Fuzhong 人大附中). We had very little or none interaction during that brief period, 1974-6. Although we went to the same middle and high school, but due to boys and girls didn’t talk, we perhaps never spoke to each other. Fast forward 31 years later, we reconnected in a chat room. He posted few pictures of himself and his family. The name did ring a bell but for the life of me, I just couldn’t recall him in flesh. Who’s he and what did he look like? …. until he started posting old class photos taken in 1975. Ha, there he’s .. the class monitor. I do remember now. And remembered him well, a very sensible little guy who’s well liked by classmates and as well as teachers. He lingered till 3am the first night in the chat room!!
Apparently he was exiled to Xuzhou after graduation and teaches at University Of Mining And Technology, married a local girl and has a son in 1993.
I share his enthusiasm in finding our former classmates. As it happens, most classmates in this chat room are still located in Beijing and few have remain friends over the years – how lucky. I lost contact with all of them, except Yao and Wang due to Yishi, and very glad to have reunited with them after all those years, even I’ve never spoken to most of them – well, due to boys and girls didn’t mix.

Does Time Heals Everything or erases everything? Probably not. There are gimpy glances, brief encounters forever engraved in our conscious or unconscious mind. Someone or something touches us in many unexpectedly ways. I still have an undated photo from a relative of her and her school aged son. Time elapsed and she had since passed away but that mundane picture lives in my mind vividly, have profoundly affect my life. So, in essence, time doesn’t erase. Time won’t heal everything. There are happy moments might gradually fading away. The things/scares healed by time are those that we choose to forget in order to forging on without too much baggage weighting us down.

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