Lucy Wu’s obituary

lucyLucy Lu Wu passed away on 11/14/05. Born into a prominent family in Beijing on 7/30/10, she obtained a BA in economics, even though her love was literature. She married Swain Wu & had two children, Milan and Jimmy. She immigrated to Macao in 1957 & NYC in 1963. She worked in the library of Union Theological Seminary for over 20 years &, upon retirement, worked part-time in the libraries of Teachers College & Jewish Theological Seminary. lucy's head stoneShe loved her work & colleagues at these institutions & was well loved in return. Lucy made friends easily & was devoted to them. After Milan’s passing in 1995, Lucy moved to Bellevue, WA. She lived in her own condo for 4 years & then moved in with Jimmy’s family in 10/2000 after an illness. Lucy was a voracious reader & published on a regular basis. She completed her autobiography at age 89, & the English version at 92, with the help of two life-long friends, T. K. Pan, who did the transcription, & Maidi James, who translated it into English. Lucy is survived by her sister, Lily Wang, son-in-law, Joseph Hoo, grandchildren Stephanie & Robert G. Hoo, son, Jimmy, daughter-in-law, Winnie, & grandchildren, Natalie Lucy, Charisse Milan and Byron. A memorial service will be held for Lucy at 2 PM on Saturday, 11/26/05, at Sunset Hills Funeral Home. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to her favorite charity, in her memory – Fr. Luis Ruiz, S.J., Casa Ricci Social Services, Largo De Sto. Agostinho, 4, Macao.

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