Xie Xide 谢希德

Hong Kong, April 2nd, 1983

She came to Hong Kong and one of her former student and a friend of mine acted as the host .. .. After dinner, the student agreed to finance her son’s education in the USA. I cut the check in US dollars.

复旦 Fudan University has always been what it is but the buying power of the Chinese has increased tremendously since the 1980s. A prestigious university’s president begging for money perhaps had long passed.

Two years later, I ran into her at the Jinjiang Fandian – the only decent hotel in town. I rushed over to greet her. She hardly remembered me and her young body guard acted rather protectively .. ..

There are many links about her and her son as well .. .. CAS 中国科学院 大苦大乐朴实无华一代女杰谢希德. She had her moments in life and her son is doing well in his chosen field in the US. Everyone’s happy.

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