Jennie Chang 张常华 (铧)

Zhang Changhua 张常华 (1935 Tianjin – )
Yucai 育才中学
Central Conservatory of Music, 中央音乐学院; 行知艺术学院读音樂
Husband Zhang Renfu 张仁富 (1928-1995 Beijing)
Son Stephen
Daughter Jennifer
San Gugu 三姑姑 – the Third Aunt is how I address her since day one. She’s my father’s younger sister, third girl in the family hence the Third Aunt. When I met her in JiNan in 2010, she informed us that she had changed her name to 张常铧. Hopefully the extra jin/gold would provide plenty blessing.

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1947 (14 years left home)
1951 Central Conservatory of Music (for 5 years)
1956 graduated fm Central Conservatory of Music; to 上海交响乐团 Shanghai Philharmonic Orchestra
1959 Shanghai, marrying Zhang Renfu n moved to BJ
1960 Beijing 中央乐团, CNSO now ; Stephen
1961 Jennifer
1970s North Korea to perform
1980 immigrated to Hong Kong
1980s? Perth, 2nd marriage
1989 grand kid
1990s Canton with her 2nd husband
1992 2nd grand kid
19xx? returned to Hong Kong, living in Shatian 沙田
2003 Kowloon, Sky Tower, 傲云阁

Her Mom paid 10 两 gold to send her and Changhui to Yucai before leaving China for Taipei around 1948 (?). She enrolled into the Central Conservatory of Music (中央音乐学院) (for 5 years) when it was first founded.
“I was only 15 or so. The school initially wanted me to go the Junior Class 少年班. I didn’t want to. I wanted 本科 undergraduate course.” She got what she wanted.
As it turned out, she was a great student, ended up in the gifted class.

9-23-2010 HKShe met her husband at Yucai Middle School 育才中学 by Tao Xingzhi 陶行知, Zhang Renfu 张仁富.
Han Zhongjie (her first mentor) worked at Shanghai 市政局乐团 (later became 上海交响乐团) with foreign musicians.
When she performed solo at Shanghai Majestic Theatre 美琪大戏院 (lies on Jiang Ning Road (江宁路), Nan Jing West Road(南京西路), right at the center of the city), the audience was expecting a man, instead a young beautiful lady..
“Shanghai 交响乐团 gave me the solo performing oppertunity ..”

She was first graduating class of the Central Conservatory of Music, 高才生; was asigned to Shanghai. The Shanghai Radio talked about her for weeks..she became the IT girl for a long time.

Feb 17, 2011: I felt my Mom didn’t really teach me anything, like she never told me what to do and what not to do .. Everyone needs to be kind. Told me about the book 山东封疆大吏, Dabo sent her a copy.

Visit her in HK, 2011-08-11
Holding grudges she on her mom.. Feb 2011
clothes and honey, Dec 2010
The last couple of days, Sept 26-7, 2010
the concert, 9/25/2010
H.K. Cultural 香港文化
Her apartment at the Sky Tower 傲云阁
The old post
A call, July 1, 2009
with her at concert – memories
2010 Christmas sapphire earrings

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