A story of a blackman

DSCN8395In front of Bach Schule in Frankfurt, Feb 20, 1984
One year I was back in Beijing and Nainai diplomatically talked about .. marrying black .. she didn’t say it out right, but implied that I shouldn’t …
The first time she brought up the topic, I had no idea so I just ignored her.
Nainai was Nainai, no one could ignore her.
So the second time she was being more pointy.
Dating a black? I frowned.
First of all, I wasn’t dating any one at the time.
Secondly, where was this coming from? I had no clue.
“Ningning, it’s ok to going out with someone .. but marriage is something you shouldn’t take it lightly .. you’ve got to think hard ..”
Nainai used her best professional demeanor and tone, it made me laughed harder because its very funny: courtesan trying to pass as a secretary?
“It’s no laughing matter.” She looked serious, looking like an office manager.
But .. but what were you talking about? I laughed again.
“Your Jiujiu told us that you’re dating a black.” NOW she sounded like an CEO ..
Me, dating, a black?
After few more round of back and forth, then Naiani produced this picture I sent to them without thinking of any repercussion.
Oh No NO nO, we weren’t dating. We were just classmates. I didn’t even remember his name .. And most of all, he isn’t black, for Pete’s sake! My skin color is or was just as black as his!
Stone me to death or chop off my left arm/hand?

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3 Responses to A story of a blackman

  1. walid says:

    i am a black man … as Irina says … I live in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan .. I work in the field of Graphic Design .. The head of the compensation in the Social Security Corporation …. Irina since I left in 1984 when we learn German .. you can see that the black man … on my facebook .. http://www.facebook.com/walidcc?ref=tn_tnmn

  2. OMG, Walid … OMG … That’s all I can say upon seeing your picture and reading your email. Thank you so much for reconnecting!

  3. walid says:

    When you dream that you have everything in the world .. Has not left anything and you get … but then will not be able to get the greatest friends … Especially after he suddenly lose them … And come back and meet them without the promised .. live with them and always close to them .. their breath from you breathe .. They are everything your life …. it’s the girl who always dreamed of … wish to be the distance between you closer to the imagination .. but all that remains dreams pictures of us just look at them ..

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