The turkey day, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving .. my 2008

a little turkey DSCN8401

One tiny bird, two little slaves and three bumper harvests (one of ..) 一只小火鸡, 俩个小奴隶, 三场大丰收 (之一)
This year my task for cooking is easy: the two slaves volunteered to help. They were so enthusiastic that I wondered if my cooking has sunk to new low level.
While waiting for his pasta to boil, he got on the piano .. the pianist.
They debated if they were my slaves or volunteers.
.. concluded that they weren’t slaves .. bec they didn’t get paid ..
照猫画虎 .. I made a 大丰收, bumper harvest, it’s a hit.

my two slaves DSCN8421xx

P.S. the following day, as usual, we have the birdy congee. I use ginger and dried scallops 干贝 (why Hong Kongers called it 瑶柱?). The porridge’s color is due to soy sauce (plus brown rice) I used to marinade the big bird: over the years, I have simplified my turkey routine – cheat sheet. Pumpkin said no one beats Mom’s turkey congee. A sweet heart .. huggy and kissy ..好肉麻

DSCN8423 DSCN8429

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