Koreas 南韩 和 朝鲜

Happy Thanksgiving.
Korea was the thing Dad and I talked about. I don’t quite remember why USA got into the war (or skirmish?) and why China responded. Suppose I could google it but I didn’t. All I remember is US was behind the S Korea and China North. 60 years fast forward. Seoul is a very much prospered modern city while Pyongyang is poverty stricken. So in the long term USA did the right thing. Whatever.
Dad was in the arm at the time in Beijing in the 1950s. Since he was the captain of the army basketball Katyusha, his 团长 regimental commander asked him over to N Korea to entertain the troops with hoops.

The thoughts of few men in shorts would be an entertainment bemuses me, where as in the USA it’s the likes of Marilyn Monroe or Mariah Carey were sent to the front line for the dusty soldiers. Might be Chinese is asexual or _____ ??

Anyway, Dad said .. “I would go to swim every afternoon in the Yalu River. The water was wonderful, chilly but crispy .. One day an US fighter plane was making a round and it flew so low that I locked eye with the pilot.”
Really Dad!?
“Really.” Dad insisted.
Ok ..
“Few days later, the fight started again .. one bomb dropped near me and I was so scared that I falled to the ground immediately … ”
Guess Dad wasn’t the poster child for the army like Dong Cunrui 董存瑞 was.
Now the two Koreas was locked horn once again.
Americans are complaining like .. “Why US has to take a stance while China doesn’t?”
In asking this, I felt the Americans still think they’re the big bro, policing the world.
Are they or are we still?
Is the US media trying to self important making the Americans public believes that China hasn’t speak up? And the world still respects USA the way it used to be?
The north hemisphere of Asia is pretty advanced, except N Korea.
China doesn’t really like to interfere/intervene/meddle in others affairs ..
China’s peace loving ..
Maybe China is still uncomfortable with it new found status, still learning to use its cloud – joining the superpower club needs time to adjust ..

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