Phantom of the Opera

My 3rd or 4th time seeing it but this time it’s by amateur – played by kids’ school. Two nights only and both night sold out.

An elder couple sat behind me. The woman did all the selling talkin’ ..
“For $10 .. with no toll .. no parking .. you can’t go wrong….”
Is that why you came?! So sad.
I thought the kids’ talent drew me here. You can’t pay me enough to go to a lousy show.
I wondered if they are on their first date (sad).
Got tickets off the school web, with assigned seating. Wild applause after each popular songs.
The Phantom …
His voice is unbelievably strong and deep as if it would tore off the roof and the walls.
The pit, predominately Asians has trouble to keep up with it, perhaps due to the type of music they’re dealing with: more of orchestra than traditional classical. The pit did fine job with the operas. This is involved more brass, French/English horns.
Love story always moves me. Even 4th time.


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