Hand made noodles for $4.50 only


The best kept secrete in Flushing is this dingy basement at the corner of Main Street and 41st Road. There are many vendors. Pumpkin misses the dumpling house in Toronto who got up early and made some jiaozi with hundun 馄饨 skin – my fault. I’m not sure if she would venture to this hole.

In the private room in the Peking House in Hong Kong, after serving the Peking duck, a chef in a neatly pressed uniform with the tall hat would roll out a cart and perform this lamian 拉面, either served it as 炒面 chaomian – chow mien, fried noodles or boiled in the duck soup. I have to admit that nowadays, not sure where serves the best Peking Duck, one of my favored, Beijing or elsewhere. I even mentioned Hong Kong here was due to nostalgia: China had been poor and dirty once, just in case you forgot :), and Peking House in HK was the only place to enjoy a decent Peking Duck.

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