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We stayed at Hilton Garden Inn at Albany Airport Hotel that I booked through Hotwire.com. Pretty good. The lobby is cozy and intimate. The swimming pool is small but ok. It’s about 10 minutes drive to the courts.

a prom is held at the MarriottAlbany is dull and small. But the prom that was held at the Marriott was quite an event. The kids filing in as we were leaving, looked rather sophisticated confident, well put together, despite the tacky dresses. They looked good on the girls.

I met the LI team’s skipper at the captain’s meeting. He’s very out going and talkative. Although he wasn’t listed as the captain (the team has none listed; the whisper was that he got banned ..) but he’s the busiest and hardest working captain out there, circle the courts and scouting out opponents, with a note book in hand. At meeting he loudly said he’s the nicest team and talked about how fair group of players he has even when the guy hit hard at his girl, Cary would not reciprocate. In mixed doubles, in some corner, guys believing hit to the girls to extract a win while others frown upon it – prefer being gentlemanly. I feel either ways are fine as long as you play within the confine of the rule, follow the proper etiquette.

It rained on Saturday so we moved to indoor at Tri-City Fitness at Latham. French Open was on TV, Italy’s Francesca Schiavone was battling Aussie Samantha Stosur 6–4, 7–6(7–2).

As it turned out, Sean and I played Cary. Indeed he never once hit hard at me. No need. They routed us 6-1 6-2. Cary was so bored by the lop sided match I thought he was going to fall asleep on court. We were at the corner court between the pathway. From time to time, the skipper would stop by and whisper some encouragements and instructions to his players through the little openings. Was there a need to do so? Mind you, coaching is illegal.

smile the path

After we were done, I went to check on my two other teams. The first doubles court was at the back to the left by the wall (#12 I think). There was whispers again, coming from the little enclosed corner to the end. I opened the flip, and saw herd of opposing teammates whispering tips and encouragements to their players. I said .. please no coaching. They looked at me wearily then one by one they filed out of that cozy corner. There isn’t a million dollar on the line .. .. why would people willing to sink so low? Show me some good sportsmanship, not sneakiness.

The third doubles was also by the wall in another section. When I got there, they were disputing about scores. .. .. That match has produced a drama that played out in the parking lot. Involving not only my team but the coordinator .. became the talk of the town for a long time.

It’s my first time to a playoff. My feeling is that the up state teams are very enjoyable to play with. They are competitive yet exhibit great sportsmanship while New York metro area teams were less so, too cutthroat.

the hard working skipper French Open tongue out .. it's hot or what? the parking lot ..

#1 Doubles Nicholas Robert Tursi/Esther Forrester vs Kai H. Chung/Anna Leung: 4-6 6-4 1-0
#2 Doubles Cary J. Markowitz/Darlene Sotomayor vs SEAN YUEN/Irene Eng: 6-1 6-2
#3 Doubles Wai Chiu Leong/Mary Wong vs Gary Spitz/Amanda L. Aniboli: 6-4 6-2

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