The Chinese are coming

Needing a job? Be a Chinese 🙂

Nanjing Overseas Chinese Students Service Center 南京留学人员服务中心 came calling. The recruting road show pit stopped at New York (stops include London and Toronto [?]) last Friday at the Radisson hotel at 49 West 32nd Street (Korean Town. As I was parking, a Korean man knocked on my window telling me, “not here .. $150 fine ..” I sure look around, don’t I?). The majority was Chinese from China. However, I did spot few Indians, Concasians and Africans.

China is sexy hot, isn’t she?

Their seminars aim on overseas professionals and business opportunities in nanjing – 南京吸引海外高层次人才暨经贸恳谈会. In one of its e-mails, the organizer stressed that “We would like to draw your attention on the following issues:

1. your on time arrival at the venue will be highly appreciated. Llimited Souvenirs will also be prepared.
2. your understanding and cooperation of not taking any relatives or kids to the venue will also be highly appreciated.
3. please keep quiet during the event.”

Pls don’t look for me for explanations. The un-savoir-faire couldn’t be dressed by modern suits, just like a fancy degree or a good education doesn’t necessarily guarantee a decent upbringing or cultured tone 有教育没教养. I’m sure these kinds of coarse edges will go away after few decades or couple more generations.

The hall was packed when I arrived, only ten minutes after its official starting time. As I was making my way down, more people were coming.
“Leaving already?” One of them asked.
“Ya, I took all the jobs ..” I joked back to them.

Some candidates were jolly and some were nervous. The representatives of various Nanjing government agencies were all young and professional. Many of them might have been the earlier Hai Gui, means the returning “Sea Turtles”. (海归), a pun on the sea turtles (海龟) that swim to home shores to lay their eggs. The abbreviation sums up returnees with a fancy degrees botained from overseas study. For a while, as the returnees failed to find good work, they became hai dai (海待) or floating seaweed (海带). Pretty neat – Chinese language – isn’t it?

Good to be Chinese.

Fun to be Chinese.

Guess they need more Sea Turtles and waiting them to return home in China is too slow of a journey, so they came courting instead.

But who would want to work for the government that pays so little?

Ok .. here is a joke: I’m losing my mind, becasue for whatever the reaseon, I mistook Ningjing 南京 with Jinan 济南. What’s the matter with me? … Well, they all have nan 南 🙁 .. so Beijing 北京 is Xijing 西京

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