A literary weekend

My over-stretched groupie career has just added some new dimensions.


The 21st Indie and Small Press Book Fair was held at historic General Society building in the city on 44th Street @ 5th Ave. It does have an indie or flower child feel – they reminded me of the chess players – do they have to be like that? I know they’re artists, but .. but ..

Every hour on the hour they offered different program. The best one I found was the literary agent Katharine Sands’ who adviced
Ready (finish MS)
Read (by an agent)
Readers ..

She has very different opinion on signing a contract with a publisher than from an IP attorney. She finished her lecture with a joke: one writer came home and found his house’s on fire. One of the neighbors told him that sorry that his wife, children, dog and a literary agent were all in there. He first words were .. ..
“A literary agent ?!?!”

There were three Moth winners at the program, each telling a five-minute-long story. What I found comforting was they were all kind of nervous, especially the girl (with the black stocking), although I found her story was the most charming and coherent. Speaking in front of roomful people isn’t easy. Thought she said she’s an actress too .. hmmmmm .. shy and actress don’t seem to be a twin, do they?


I meant to attend the memoir program the Indie Book Fair offerred on Sunday, but the Long Island Writers Guild held its annual award dinner too. To show my support – not unrequited love – they have been really supportive to me – so I went to LI instead. To encourage the newbies, I even got a thank you gift from the board.

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