Day 1: two Yalies won their first round match at NIIC

DSCN0373Volunteer at the 2010 USTA/ITA .. National Indoor Intercollegiate Championships – NCAA I guess? – is fun. Columbia University hosts the tourney. Reportedly it’s the first time in NY. It’s about time for a change. Why not give Noo Yawk a chance?

As soon I arrived at the NTC, I got a big bear hug from my weekday AM gangs: they were able to sneak in a game before the kids arrived, and were talking about playing again tomorrow at the same time.
“Join us ..” they told me.

Margaret promised me that with our combined beauty and brains we would work at the hospitality table. Guess one look at Irene they had second thought. We ended up doing scores.
“You play tennis?” the head asked us.
“Oh ya we do.” M replied.
So they equipped us with the walkie talkie. Don’t I look very professional and important, ha ha ha?
Each of us would cover two courts. At end of each game, we’d call it in so the score keeper would enter into her laptop.

my gangs DSCN0368

NTC’s lobby where the players linger long after the game ..
breakfast the lunch

Honestly, it wasn’t easy: if you’re engulfed in one match which you have to, to keep track of the scores you’d miss the other court. Well that’s my senior moment dilemma. Then my little machine didn’t cooperate, decided to go on strike. After the first match we got demoted to take care of the score board: stick the names of winner. If you thinking calling in score is low tech, this is has to be the bottom of an well. With all the available means – the land of Microsoft and Google, I mean, we have to find the name in the envelope, and peel it and stick it to the board. Some complicated process, ha ha ha, just happy to be there .,., to be of any help.

DSCN0396 my work

The Thiemann boys: Chris and Marcel of Mississippi. The second coming of the Bryan brothers? There’s this independent coach from Port Washington who complains that US sport systems are being taken advantage of by foreign players: pro tennis players would come to play the college circuit and 19 years old Dominican boy/man posting as 15 years old playing in little league.
“I told my son don’t mention to anyone that you speak Spanish .. ” so he could often ear dropping on those foreign imports.
“He told me they often laughed at how stupid the Americans are .. ”
There are ways to check those players, and there are many politics and there are cost of doing investigations.

ID the twins

Clemson’s Josipa Bek and Keri Wong oust Virginia’s Maria Fuccillo and Rashmi Teltumbde, and Ohio State’s Matt Allare n Peter Kobelt beat Nathaniel Gery and Kevin Kung.

the Columbia duo DSCN0391

Vicky Brook and Lindsay Clark from Yale came from behind to win 8:4 (first round doubles are 8 games for men and women) over Barbora Krtickova and Alida Muller-Wehlau of Armstrong Atlantic St. – wherever/whatever that is.

Day 2 ..


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