Woman skills

It’s a Friday night and I need excitement .. sooo .. I took this quiz: Average woman on dating. I only got 8 right out of 15. Not bad. But the site told me that my “Average Woman skills are just average. The good news is you’re normal – when it comes to reading the female brain. But you’ve still got work to do.”Shhhheeeessshi, okkkkkay. I hope I’ll do better next time, Sista, sisters .. :).

I need to do better on court too: I lost 4 sets in four tries yesterday, 招架不住 被打得 落花流水 like fallen flowers carried away by the flowing water; utterly routed .. .. I was thrilled 🙁 ..

Let me see: first first set I played with Kai – playing with Kai !! – against Sunny and Ricky. 2nd set Ricky and I against Irene and Sunny. 3rd set same as 2nd? 4th set Kai and I against Irene and Wah zai. I was indeed the big turkey on the Thanksgiving day.

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