Zhenjiang, the land of dark rice vinegars

First weekend home we had our first hotpot. I couldn’t wait, even it was only first day of October. Ok happy National Day in China, so we’re celebrating it with a hotpot.
First bit, I was like ..
“Oou, why this vinegar’s so sweet?”

I looked at the bottle, it stared right back at me, as if saying .. so what? The bottle looks very familiar but the thick acid taste just isn’t there. Is this a knock off or what?

Passing through ZhenJiang last month I was hoping to visit Dazhao Power Plant that once belonged to MD Chow, where the cooked up charge of treachery occurred. Unfortunately time didn’t permit but I was able to scope up two bottle of vinegar at the gift shop before boarding the train. It cost like 6 RMB per bottle (about US$1). My friends laughed and asking me if I were to bring them home.
“No ..”
“Then why did you buy them?” It could be had for half the price in Shanghai.
Have no idea. Just couldn’t help it because I’ve drinking Zhenjiang xiang cu 镇江香醋 for as long as I could remember. Forgot to take a picture. They had burgundy color labels.

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