The moon cake n 功德林

GongdeLinTraffic on the weekend leading up to the Autumn Festival was bad because everyone was out there delivering gifts. So was the line at famed vegetarian restaurant Gong De Lin 功德林. The cab drive told me that one could buy DGL moon cakes almost everywhere without long line like at this flagship shop but the patient consumers were waiting, one after the other forming a line around block and block and block. Were they just queuing up for the cake or for lunch?
One thing bemused me was the fact that everyone was selling or involved with moon cakes: from the top rated hotels to the individual hustlers/jobbers on the streets. The first thing I noticed at the hotel was there was mountains of boxes of moon cakes in one corner of the lobby, in every single hotel I stayed, watched people came in with a pre-purchased ticket to collect. The jobbers would holding few pages of catalog hustling on the street.

DSCN9071 he's selling

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