Lucy and CC Chow

CC Chow 周仲铮 returned to Tianjin on 9/22/1936 from Paris, with son Berlin and hubby Li Xiongfei 李雄飞. Li’s from a prominent military family in Beijing… hence the Zhous considered the marriage to be highly unsymmetrical 门不当户不对.  ..
The young couple soon settled in Beijing in his parents’ compound.  Popo got married in 1932 in Shanghai and immediately went to north, settled in Beijing after the wedding.  The two became close friends becasue aside from books and lit they also shared a love for fresh croissants.
At time Lucy was still single and living at home, so she socialized a lot with Popo and then CC too.  A socialite herself, she commented on the largess of the Zhou girls (although Popo’s Liu, but she spent many years with the Zhous in Tianjin which considered as the backyard of Beijing- very close, so in Lucyism Popo was a Zhou).
“There’s no match…” Lucy commented. Among many perennials there was the personal teenage maid which impressed Lucy. 
“I had maid, nanny, wet nurse … but never a personal maid that devoted to me 24/7 … doing nothing …”  After much happenings, CC and her second husband, the Prussian Knight visited Lucy in the late 70s in New York. 
“They were very much the lovebird … kissing, holding hands …” She recalled.  So one day when we chatted about CC, I asked Lucy if she still remembered the run away episode and why, for CC’s only son died soon after she left.  That’s when Lucy dropped the A-bomb

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