Autumn is here ..

It’s a windy weekend and we were still out there playing, tennis. During a point, I saw this little greeny landed in front of me. It was so distracting because I wanted to take a picture of it. I probably double faulted twice to end the game. it’s a little cutie, isn’t it? Then I saw another cutie .. no worry my partner and I managed to win the set despite few double faults.

叶落归根 yeluo guigen falling leaves settle on their roots – a person residing elsewhere finally returns to his ancestral home. Where is my root, Beijing or New York?

IMG00519 IMG00524

In the middle of the game, I began hearing funny noise, little echo when I hit the ball. I didn’t think too much. But at the change over, I randomly looked at my racket and told no one in particular that my little thing’s anger management needed?acting funny .. then I saw ..
the crack
the loosened string
Oh my lord ..
It cracked.
How did that happen?
I don’t have a habit of hitting any one with it, or anything with it.
Probably out of old age then. It’s been with me for a while, a long while, was a left over from my kids.
Now I need to go shopping for a new one.
What should I buy?

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