Yang Yachao

DSCN8438开裆裤 kai dang ku open crotch pants is still in vogue for kids, in some corners.

Dr. Yang 杨亚超 (1920-2002) was a model worker of the state who had contributed greatly. Walk into the Provincial Hospital 省立医院 in the province’s capital one would not have missed his dignified bust.

His story went like this, according to Dabo: Yang’s grandfather Yang Yusheng 杨育生 was 拜 baibazi sworn brothers with my great grandfather. Older Yang was educated in Japan and obtained wife there. Fortunate did not frequent them often and by the time Yang Jr. was born, they relied on the charity of the Zhangs often. Older Yang got my grandfather as a partner and went into the forest business during the Civil War 解放战争 1945-49, that quickly gone south. The Yangs asked my grandfather to send their Jr to Japan for education. Jr attended 帝国大学 in Tokyo and brought home much needed skills as a certified medical doctor. When the Civil War was over, although the communist found Yang Sr.’s wife was a Japanese spy and decided to 枪毙 qiangbi – putting a bullet into her head. However, the Jr faithfully served his province hence the status.

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