China: A new hope or a threat to the world?

NY Salon held China forum at Barnes and Noble the other night featuring five rather well-spoken Caucasians: a moderator and four panelists .. .. where’s Chinese?
Brooke Gladstone said that China wants to clean up the corruption, as long as the fallen hero isn’t connected to the Central, he will be taken out and down.
Charles W. Freeman III said that people often said that you visit China once can write a book and been there for a year can write an article. He’s been going there for the past 20+ years and visits it every six week. He jokes that .. (you can fill in the blank)

Some thoughts..
– China isn’t interested in the leadership; they want to deal with their own problem at hand now.
– there are about 100,000 protests a year that the government has to deal with. So 1 .. they have lots of problem and 2. there is some sort of democracy
– Freeman III said that China doesn’t care what the Americans say, so we shouldn’t self-important ourselves.
– China’s achievement in the past few decades should have be celebrated but instead .. .. you can fill in the blank here!!
– one-child policy is largely obey and agreed
-Chinese (in China) say that there is a game here, but we know how to play it = they know what their gov is up to

I enjoy reading Brendan O’Neill‘s writing. He insists that practical problems in China should be apart from politicalized theory – something like that – don’t want to be sued for mis-quoating.

The forum is followed by short Q n A session. Attendees lined up at the mike and asked Qs or provided their concerns/point of views. Among the line, there were two Chinese. I was so taken with the first one, a small Chinese man in business jacket and matching skirt with a heavy Cantonese accent challenged the author River Runs Black’s Elizabeth C. Economy, questioned where did she get her data on death in China. She defended her data gathering and its reliability. But I found what O’Neill said to be sensible that how one uses and interpret the data.

Second one, a woman I met once at a dinner.

She greeted the panelists with a big wow but sounded nervous.

“Wow, you’re the most open minded people I’ve seen.” Then put on full throttle, roughly in the neighborhood of that she’s from Beijing. Her family was being prosecuted all the time. When she first came to America, she thought the sky was bluer, the food is tastier .. everything was just so much better .. but now 85% of Chinese think China is great, the other 15% is mostly has tie to the Central Gov. She started with 5 miles per hour then accelerated to 120 miles in 2 seconds. I missed a lot what she was muttering. There were some intermittent laughs in between. By the time she picked up a photo book from the floor, telling why Chairman Mao is much more loved over Dalai Lama, the room was impatient. I resonated with what she was saying, but dismayed by her representation and diction. Stuttering incoherently discounted her point of view drastically. Also her attitude. Please understand the moderator and the panelists were not authority. You were not petitioning them.

I wanted to ask just how much do they understand China and why there wasn’t a Chinese on the panel .. .. but time ran out and they called it a day.

IMHO .. China is a hope and it has been behaving grandly under the western media relentless scrutiny or assault.

Save the last dance for me?

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