Seiji Ozawa Hall @ Tanglewood in the Berkshire


The hall’s a wonderful place to be. comfortable. Almost magnificent. Wood. More wood. Woods were everywhere.
Then there were the volunteers. They were everywhere and can be quite annoying if not down right snobbish. It was only a rehearsal by few apprentices and the vols had the guts asking me not to walk toward the hall. At first, I ignored him. Then the thin and tall old man walked briskly over and instructed to stop. Stop in the middle of the yard, under the full summer sun? Are you losing your mind?
Oh, by the way, this isn’t Lincoln Center, nor Carnegie Hall. And neither Isaac Stern nor Seijie were performing inside. What’s the fuss? Respect is earned not enforced.
I told him .. .. basically to get lost.
Later I struck up a conversation with an old lady. She said they were all unpaid volunteers. She used to come every day, driving 6 miles each way. Now due to her advanced age plus high cost of gasoline, she could afford to come only twice a week.
Being snobbish, only digs your own grave deeper.

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