An S, and a reservation

I’m trouble shooting with the Apple because my iPhone and iPad, sometimes, won’t go to sleep.

The Appler said, it perhaps the software problem, so asked if I’ve itunes on my computer.
Nope. I just restored the laptop.
No problem, he says. Go to download it.
So I type in
.. ..
The left page turns up. It does look like something apple. Or a pear?
He casually asks, “do you see 10.7?”
Scanning the entire page, I see no number whatsoever.
To be save, he instructed, type in, which the right page turns up.


Apple may consider to buy the out, to spare me, with limited English skill, the pain?

After two solid hours trouble shooting with a patient Appler (located in Atlanta, Georgia; a sub contractor) – restore, etc., the insomniac iPhone agrees to take a nap; then decides to be an insomniac again. I have to call my phone carrier to complain. This time, when I was transferred to Apple again, the rep decided to replace my iPhone. They need my credit card to hold since they’re sending me a brand new phone. And $26 shipping. I was about to go shopping at the Miracle Mile/Americana where there is an Apple store.
The Rep: “Oh, I’m not sure they have openings.”
Irene, what? .. “don’t tell me that I need a reservation!”
The Rep: “yes, I’m afraid you do.”
He goes on to explain that it likes a restaurant that I need to wait to be seated. He checked the situation, and says to me, “the next opening is Friday.”
Are You Kidding Me?
Apparently he isn’t.
I decided to stop by.
Unfortunately, it closed.
Oh well. Next time.

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