It’s qipao 旗袍 .. not cheongsam 长衫

Qipao is body-hugging one-piece Chinese dress for women. I simply l-o-v-e it.
Nicole Kidman in a fashionable qipao (旗袍 Wade-Giles ch’i-p’ao) with chrysanthemum print in the movie Australia on the Times caught my eyes. I love qipao, simple and elegant, no matter what – well, almost, as long as not on Feifei 肥肥 (Lydia Shum, Shen Dian Xia 沈殿霞 ) or Roseanne Barr. Hmmmm .. wait, I bet even on them, qipao would have looked much better than any other type of clothing.

Pls call it qipao. NOT cheongsam or changshan which sounds so unsophisticated. Guess in the past, China was nothing but a large patch of dark and mysterious dirt on earth. Everything Chinese were from Hong Kong. But now, can we revert back to qipao PLEASE?

The movie Australia by Baz Luhrmann, starring Nicole Kidman, who as an English aristorcrate comes to northern Australia to sell a cattle property the size of Belgium. After an epic journey across the country with a rough-hewn drover, Hugh Jackman in 1930s. I like them both .. looks pretty sexy and romantic.

The explanation for qipao in Aussie is that Darwin is closer to Asia than to Sydney where a rich mixer of ethnic exists.

Nicole Kidman does so much better professionally once she got divorced from Tom Cruise. Not wishing every one parting, but thank god she did.

Not sure these are the same dress, but what the heck. They look great, love the color.

When I was in Beijing, I often wore qipao. Some places that were not very high class, a.k.a. waitresses or waiters were not finely trained, they could be pretty nasty and rude to me for many hotels and restaurants do outfit the girls in qiapo, :). So what? I didn’t care and don’t care.

Qipao on wenxin
老布 qipao
Two China dolls conquered Dubai
Kidman’s boobs
Catherine Lim
American Gigolo
Qipao at a dinner
Meeting Chow Chung-cheng 周仲铮
The Silk Route, NY Times by Joyce Chang, August 18, 2002
In Hong Kong, in Pursuit of the Perfect Dress, NY Times, Cheryl Lu-Lien Tan, April 1, 2011

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14 Responses to It’s qipao 旗袍 .. not cheongsam 长衫

  1. Sarah says:


    I like your articles, and humor of sense. Especially you mentioned name of Qipao, not Cheong-sam is nicety description. I invite you to visit my website ( and give me opinions of the Qipao in your world.


  2. Thanks Sarah.

    Lovely qipaos! And totally loved the idea that you took them to Dubai. The Middle East’s impression is .. well, ladies are shrouded in the black caps like Darth Vader. .. What do I know, mere a frog in the well 🙂

    I looked around your site, didn’t get a sense as where are you located. Wondering how you outfit the girls? Because all the qipaos I ordered had few fittings. But I did buy a few qipao styled jackets off the rack. Have you thought of creating a line of qipao with medium-weight knit material, like cotton, linen, silk or cashmere mixed with spandex making it bit stretchy yet can contain its fitting form? Some style might do without mandarin collar but with side slits.

    Good luck in any way and form 🙂

  3. 無言 says:


  4. 無言 says:


  5. Sarah says:

    Hi, My Friend

    How are you? Very long time I have not visit your site. I read your reply by coincidental searching my website via google, I suddenly saw your site and your reply.

    I like your suggestions, I will talk to designer to provide some cotton, linen, silk and other stretchable fabrics, I will make them short, sexy, wearable in any occasion. I will let you know when I upload them 🙂

    The Qipao and suits are all made in Shanghai, sent to worldwide. I have been live in Dubai with my husband, so that is why I am doing Qipao fashion business in Dubai, but my customer could be any countries.

    Usually very less percentage of finished qipao need to be altered, because our tailors are experienced, I just received 6 pieces qipaos for myself and customers in Dubai, they are wonderful stitched, if put it in malls, it would cost double or triples, but honestly speaking one qipao need to altered with 2 places, and it will cost 20dhs (5usd around) . The rest are ok.

    You can also send me email [email protected], I would like to get your supports more, thanks a lots

    Sarah Dong

  6. Sarah says:

    Hi, Kibbitzer

    How are you? You look busy, right?
    Just say hi, hope everything with you is alright.


  7. J says:

    Isn’t this a matter of opinion?

    I much prefer the term cheongsam over qipao. Everytime I see or hear someone mention the latter I fight an urge to correct them. Your throw away attitude towards Hong Kong also insults the territory, its history and the Cantonese. Like this blog, I’m just giving my two cents.

  8. t says:

    Qipao is from chinese pingying and Cheongsam is from English. it’s same things defferent name

  9. tf says:

    Qipao is from chinese pingying and Cheongsam is from English. it’s same things defferent name
    from stylishcn

  10. Sarah says:


    How are you? Greetings !

    Take care

  11. Hi Sarah,
    Guess what? I’m in Asia at the moment and bought three more qipao in Shanghai, one silk above the knees and two lao bu (handwoven cotton?). How have you been?! Happy Mid Autumn !!

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  13. Clayton says:

    Fabulous put up, I will be browsing back often to hunt for fresh news.

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