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I went to LIWG‘s free workshop this afternoon, my second time. Last week I went with Elise. Two published ladies (Beverly poetry and Florence memoir) moderate the gathering. Each of us gets to read our piece, almost identical to what I did with Ginny at the writing class. It’s more supportive than critical, I think we or at least I need both equally.Last week, we got 10 minutes writing time and then read. I wrote short version of the murdered widow and this week I did My Wet Nurse. The res pones I got were all very positive and sensible. I very much appreciate the feedback, but please some one tell me what I didn’t do right? Beverly suggested that I should check out the Writers Conference in December, and Florence reminded me that I don’t have to bring up the rejected contract when I meeting a potential agent – good pointer, I might just put that up front :).

Most of the writers are seniors and female. I enjoyed their stories very much! There was a couple (were they couple?) today and one at last week. The wife (last week) stopped me after the meeting and asked..
“Why did you ask us if we’re a couple?”
“You looked very lovy dovy.”
She smiled boardly, “We’re married 58 years .. this November.”
“When we met, she was 14 and I was 17.” The hubby added.
I would have thought that they’re either dating or newly wed.
“Once, in the supermarket, he was behind me and kissed me on the head.” The wife who dressed like little girl with Dorothy’s (The Wizard of Oz) hair do. She continued, “The cashier thought we’re newly wed.”

So sweet .. loving .. longevity. Internet made many thing happens in a snap that includes dating and marriage perhaps, but love lives on, unchanged. Make love not war!

She wanted to write and dragged him alone. The two moderators suggested that they write a book .. she says and he says .. each write what s/he remembers and put side by side. That would be so so great.

An excerpt: “Tell a story the way you would tell it to a friend” Chapman suggests. “Write about something important to you – not a cause, but an experience – and not what you think we want to hear. Tell us what you are passionate about, in your own voice.”


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