Joshua Bell played in the subway 4 money

The Washtington Post has an interesting article, Joshua Bell played in the L’Enfant Plaza – DC Metro and all he got was $32.17 (yes, some people gave pennies) for a solid 43 minutes of work!

TO GET TO THE METRO FROM HIS HOTEL, a distance of three blocks, Bell took a taxi. He’s neither lame nor lazy: He did it for his violin.

PS: since then, at least, a children book The Man with the Violin book’s written, trailer here. And Bell did it over in 2014 @ Union Station, on his term: Joshua Bell is playing in the Metro again. This time, maybe you won’t pass it up. Chinese

Bell plays Tchaikovsky – Violin Concerto in D with kids; a sneakers for him might have been a better fit in this performance.

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