A well near Xiao Pangu

118 Dingjia Wan DingJia Wan
Walking down the narrow alleys in this part of Yangzhou, feeling like 井底之蛙, a frog in a well. It was a cloudy day, with the gray houses, I was feeling pretty gray too.
85 Dingjia Wan Dingjia Wan 丁家湾 is one of those narrow alleys. It parallels to the commercial street we drove on. The back end of Xiao Pangu is on Dingjia Wan, next door to 85 Dingjia Wan to its east. Across street is 118 Dingjia Wan (丁家湾 118 号), the former Four-Provinces Salt Ports Joint Office 四岸公所.

We made left turn from Dingjia Wan, the former Four-Provinces Salt Ports Joint Office, walking down the alley where I found two ladies were at this well. I haven’t seen a well perhaps since I left Guojia Zhuang 郭家庄 in Tianjin in 1970s. Given the size and the set up of the well, the residences should have running water at home.

Another left turn onto this little alley, got us to the front gate of Xiao Pangu.

the alley to the front gate

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