Four-Province Salt Ports Joint Office 四岸公所

118 Dingjia Wan
Yangzhou, Jiangsu province
扬州 丁家湾 118 号

It is now a Municipal Preserved Unit of Cultural Relic. In Qing Dynasty and the of China period, it was the join office of the salt ports of Hunan, Hubei, Jiangxi and Anhui and the big salt merchants from the four provinces
used to meet here to discuss and decide the salt business matters including prices, production, supply, sales, transportation, etc. It originally covered an area of over 4,700 square meters with more than 90 rooms in three rows of the east, middle and west.

facade the plaque on the wall

Yangzhou salt merchants were particularly noted for their great wealth and luxurious living. Their estimated aggregate profit in the second half of the eighteenth century was something like 250 million taels[1] while the entire Central government’s expenditures in 1765 was only 9.5 million taels.[2]

Its just a stone throw away from Xiao Pangu, 小盘谷, a salt merchant’s home.


[1] Immanuel C. Y. Hsü, The Rise of Modern China (Oxford, 2000), 71.
[2] Ibid., 63.

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