Google map and the Xiao Pangu area

xiao panguThis Google map (taken on Oct 5, 2010) doesn’t reflect the actual lay out of the area of Little Pangu Garden 小盘谷 where narrow alleys wave with old, often dilapidated houses. On this map, the surrounding area is sparsely populated, with vast vacant land; very misleading – might be it is what the future looks like? The garden is still in the process of renovating, and shown on this map as

Xiaopangu Xiuxian Center

The actual area is dense. The commercial street that we drove through was busy and lined by shops on both sides. The driver dropped us off at one of the alleys. They are very narrow but very clean. Neighbors were open and friendly, and proud of their homes and surroundings. The lady (below) volunteered that she just returned after working elsewhere for most of her life. According to Caroline, this area is soon to be demolished and rebuilt.
The third picture below from left, one can see Xiao Pangu at the end of alley (top of the picture), is being renovated.

DSCN0796 落叶归根 back of Xiao Pangu Dingjia Wan

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