I found my pen!!

Few weeks ago I lost my little Tiffany pen that they no longer sell. I bought this pen when I first came to New York in 1986.

I used to like reading an eclectic writer in Hong Kong, and Tiffany and Waldorf=Astoria among few things appear often in her books. When I came to NY, of course I checked them out – Breakfast at Tiffany’s and dined at Waldorf’s Jap restaurant .. .. So I was sad for losing it. Even if Tiffany were making it now, it won’t be the same, because it’s made in West Germany, a country no longer exist.

Yesterday, on a whim, I decided to wear the Elsa Peretti’s pendant pen. At dinner, Shan sat next to me and questioned if that’s the magnetic thing that people wear to ease the neck or shoulder pain. I’ve heard such thing in the past. But I told her it isn’t and, the reason for wearing it ..  ..
Guess what?
She replied in her usual mild manner,
“Oh, I found it at the restaurant last time we went.. ”
Lord .. I was so so happy and hugged her a hundred times!
Since she didn’t know who’s, she gave it to Michael and Mike gave it to Y .. and lady Y is in Beijing at the moment who appologized that she was too busy for the trip and forgot to send out a e-mail asking around.
A fate? what’s mine will be mine?
I’m bewildered that every morning I wake up with my head on my shoulders. One of these days, I’m going to lose it. One of these days.

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