Michael D. Hsu

A first, full fledged Chinese heading a fortune 500?

The new CEO (appointed) of Kimberly-Clark, will replace Thomas Falk on Jan. 1.

Pre opening, KMB was at $106, now is trading at $104, down about 2% – amid 497 points drop in Dow industrials, to 25,820 or 2% – just about the same.

There isn’t much personal info on Mr. Hsu, no wiki page on his either, except the following from his Company:

Hsu joined Kimberly-Clark in November 2012 and currently oversees the company’s nearly $8 billion North American Personal Care and Consumer Tissue businesses. Since joining K-C, he has reinvigorated the North American business, delivering excellent financial performance, improved market shares and strong innovation, marketing and sales execution.

Prior to joining K-C, Hsu was executive vice president and chief commercial officer at Kraft Foods. Before Kraft, he spent six years at H.J. Heinz, holding the positions of vice president, marketing for Ore-Ida and Frozen Meals, and later as president for Foodservice. He launched his career in the consumer products industry as a consultant with Booz Allen & Hamilton, where he rose to partner in the firm’s consumer practice.

He holds a bachelor’s degree from Carnegie-Mellon University and an MBA from the University of Chicago. He and his wife will relocate to Dallas.

Years ago, Motorola had an interim CEO from Hong Kong, I think was a Chen (?) and not sure if he succeeded to be the CEO. Mr. Hsu will be the first Chinese CEO (?). There are more than a dozen India CEOs in the US. A scientific breakthrough 科学性的突破, as a friend joked.

华人第一个?纸巾金伯利克拉克宣布新任首席执行官 Michael Hsu (徐? 许?)将于1月1日取代托马斯福尔克. 小徐 2012进入金佰利. 之前在 Kraft (卡夫)食品. 再之前是 Heinz (亨氏) 6年. 他毕业于卡内基-梅隆, 芝加哥的MBA. 他开始是在 Booz Allen & Hamilton 当顾问.

开盘前KMB是$106, 现在$104 – 不过整个市场都在拉稀 – 道琼斯工业平均指数下跌了497点.

多年前, 摩托罗拉有一位来自香港的临时首席执行官, 好像姓陈(?)不确定他最终是否升任首席执行官. 徐先生将成为第一位中国CEO(?). 在美国有十几位印度CEO. 科学性的突破, 一个幽默的朋友开玩笑说.

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