Poor me

I hate to brag but I’m just wondering why do I always have the good fortune to be in the right place at the right time.

  • Language: Mandarin is my native tongue and the official language spoken (or required) by quarter of earth population. Good? No. Unlike my fellows who are from Shanghai or Guangzhou, I’m missing out on a widely used dialect [like Shanghainess or Cantonese]. When my little mind finally managed to mingle a few syllabus of English into my daily vocabulary, I found English is increasingly being spoke by the world over. Didn’t the perception has it that the Frenchies can’t speak anything other than French? Guess what? The ordinary French speaks better English than Irene speaks Mandarin nowadays.
  • Country of residence: when I left Beijing for HK in 1979, I practically pranced out of the school under rather envious stares from my classmates.  I thought I was lucky.  Then all my mates gone to fancy schools and obtain exciting jobs, gaining fortune and witnessing the rapid rise of China in the front line of the new new world while I stale in the old new world ..  Just not fair!
  • USA:  美国, the sound of it seems to bring sweet dreams to many.  when I began to travel in the 80s, I had to fork over big and fat handful Hong Kong dollars but getting back a pound or two, a Mark or two .. ..  Back then US$ was the king.  No one wanted £Pound and  €Euro wasn’t exist.  Now Greenback is lower than the new kid on the block ..  I had to grab a fistful $$$ just to buy a cup of latte from StarBucks.  Traveling in Old Europa was humiliating, with the cheap currency..
  • And USA is a country who refuse to learn second language while  whose language everyone on the earth speaks or at least understands.  They don’t teach when kids are young.  Foreign languages are unavailable in schools till middle or high schools.

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