Wen Jiabao was interviewed by Fareed Zakaria

This interview wast taped September 23 by Zakaria of “Why They Hate Us‘ fame. Actually few weeks ago someone has asked us if we would like to welcome Wen that morning at curb side in midtown.

In any case, this is a rare interview that I found, although long winded and few responses were not to the point (what do I know ..) but it was rather frank and candid, especially for a Chinese PM.

Wen’s opening line was rather comic ..”Before we begin, I would like to let you know that I will use the words from the bottom of my heart to answer your questions, which means that I will tell the truth to all your questions. .. I always tell people that sometimes I may not tell what is on my mind, that as long as I speak out what is on my mind, the words are true.” But it did set the tone for the interview.

Wen stressed that “Socialism as I understand it is a system of democracy. Without democracy, there is no socialism.”  and “I said that I believe in the veins of the economist, we should see the blood of morality.”

Over all, it’s a very good interview.  The answers Wen provided are what I expected.

The last question Zakaria posted was “What is your reaction to the strange race and election that we are having in this country?” Wen replied, very much to the scribe that whoever wins, China hopes to continuously to build the US-China relationship.

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