A brief conversation


Not sure it’s legal or ok to post a conversation between a parent and her child ..

Irene Eng [6:05 P.M.]:  hey love .. r u eating graps?
Irene Eng [6:06 P.M.]: grapes *
kid [6:06 P.M.]: yes!!!
Irene Eng [6:06 P.M.]: ok good girl .. love you ..
kid [6:06 P.M.]: but a lot of them are mushy
kid [6:06 P.M.]: love you too
Irene Eng [6:06 P.M.]: because you don’t eat them in time !!!
kid [6:06 P.M.]: sorry sorry!
Irene Eng [6:06 P.M.]: what am I going to do with my kids?
kid [6:06 P.M.]: disown them?
Irene Eng [6:06 P.M.]: good idea .. it’s done .. good bye ..


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