Pirates Seek $35 Million for Ship

It’s so cool to see Johnny Depp in action, for real. How would those pirates get away with it? Years ago, the South China Sea piracy was being covered on a long story by NYT magazine, it was just unbelievably exciting – with the Aussie captain was under the gun, better than a movie. Now a US destroyer and a Russia frigate are closing in on the hijacked ship in Somali that is a Ukrainian-owned vessel. Messing around with the Russians?

Oh, last week I went to change my watch’s battery.  To the usual store I frequent once a year for that purpose only.  I used to go to the dealer in the city and pay the ransom of $135 – that’s 10 years ago.  Once I was lazy and was shopping near this Alicia store in Bay Terrace, I thought I’ll give it a try.  I’ve been with them since.  The watch runs fine and it cost me only a fraction, started $10 (I think) then to $12 or $15 over the years.  So I went there again and handed the guy my watch, saying I’ll be back in 15 minutes to pick it up.  He said fine.

When I returned, the young man who took my watch was busy with a customer.  So I asked an older guy for it.  He looked gloomy and grumpy.  When he retrieved my watch and quoted me, “$25.”

I looked at him, “What?  You’re kidding right?”  Oil price has gone up, but not that much.

He insisted it’s $25. 

I won’t mind paying if he provided good service.  After all, people earn their pay thou how they work.  I always feel a good salesman is worth his or her pay.  Selling is an art.  But not a penny more if some one just think he could take whatever he wants/needs/thinks he could get.  I said, “No.”

He then looked over to the young man, asked, “what did you tell her?”

The young lard said, “I told her $15.”  In fact, he said nothing about price when he took it.

“Oh, are you crazy?  This isn’t a $15 job .. ”  Then turned to me, “he’s new .. ” And demanded $20.

“No way.  You need to honor the price.”  Couple of sales ladies told the oldie to tune it down.

“Don’t offend the customer.”  They said in English.

He held on to my watch, and said “No, $20 ..”  Then they were in a rapid Russian discussion or whatever.

“Get me your boss or I’ll get the police.”  I wasn’t in the mood to prolong the visit.  I wanted to leave for my next appointment asap.  He irate me with that doggy face and lousy demeanor.  So $15 it was. Lord, the store that afternoon felt like a social club.  Was I messing around with the Russians?

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