Greenwich Time

Every time I see ‘Masters of the Universe‘ I thought of Michael Lewis. Didn’t he invent the term or populate it?  Where is he, amid current financial crisis?

Tom Wolfe wrote an editorial today that all those Wall Street hotshots are migrated to Greenwich, CT. It’s been like that for a long while. More than a decade. People have long been saying that people in Greenwich manage money owned by people live in Geneva. It’s pretty funny to see, at social functions those young Chinese would haughtily stating that they work in hedge fund.  That doesn’t say much, just like I work in the supermarket.  What exactly do you do?  Excuse me, hf has become so main street, it isn’t what it was a decade ago, when it was exclusively a WS thing, and the entry fee would be in seven figures. When thing become a topic in MS, it time to think about leaving, perhaps.  Just like professional traders or the big swing dicks don’t trade off hours because they don’t want to mess around with armaturers who have no clue what they’re doing, except gambling.

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