College bio for 9th graders

Yesterday was the open house at school.  One thing I noticed that half of Pumpkin’s teachers are male.  Her bio teacher is really cool, laid back guy looks like still in his late teens, but with a PhD in bio.  He held up a gigantic book, “this is the one I used in college ..”  Oh well.  He is in school every day by 6:50am.  His Green House Club attracts lots of students.  “Most of them have no interests but to hang out with me there .. talking about bio ..”  When I relayed this at dinner, Pumpkin laughed, “yes, Tiffany is there too ..” The bio class she’s in is AP or honor, will take SAT II. Did the summer bio help?

“Not too much. It helps the regent. .. but Dr. T said he’ll dumb us down for the regent.” Regent, SAT or SAT II are all foreign language to me.

The Health teacher mentioned that peer pressure isn’t all that big here.  My kids agree.  Good to know.

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